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How much do you want to see? The width of a telescope is the most important thing to consider. A wider tele show more than a narrow telescope. A telescope's width is referred to as its "a for telescopes that have a reasonably large "aperture" or width, to make sure many neat objects as possible. 1 2 3 4 Where do you want to use your telescope Many people enjoy using a telescope in the backyard, while others prefer to t distant locations under darker skies away from neighborhood lights. Think ab and your family want to enjoy the telescope, and then choose a model that is to show you what you want to see, yet portable enough for you to move and What's best, a reflector or refractor teles Two of the most popular telescope designs are refractors and reflectors. A refr uses glass lenses while a reflector uses mirrors. Reflector telescopes are value money, but they need to be aligned (or "collimated") every now and then. Ref are more expensive and usually do not require maintenance. With additional refractors can be used during the day, while reflectors should only be used at What is your budget? You don't have to spend a lot of money to begin a rewarding hobby of starga telescope. Orion offers many affordable telescope models which are ideal for astronomers and their families. A modest investment in a telescope can provi family fun and create a lifelong appreciation for nature and science. Shop Smart - K

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